Conecter for Universities


Engaging experiences

Conecter understands that involvement outside of the classroom is necessary to help students reach their potential. That's why we allow you to connect directly with your students and provide them with opportunities for new experiences. These experiences help you create a more engaged and loyal campus community for your students.

Creating campus communities

Conecter is a digital medium that allows all faculty, staff, and students to come together to create face-to-face events and meetings. Our platform weaves together a college to create a web of interpersonal relationships and higher learning.


Conecter is the ideal way to connect with those inside of your community about upcoming events. When a verified group creates an event, a notification automatically goes out to all of the followers suggesting that they RSVP. Now, instead of spending time posting fliers, you can plan more events!

Measuring Results

Conecter delivers reports that contain information about your group's followers. This includes their interests, emails, the other events they attend, and more. This data allows you to better connect and engage with your students.